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Service contracts directly in the ERP system

A fault notification doesn’t always result in a site visit. Often it is possible to remotely access a system and clear the fault – a quick, convenient solution. But one with a problem.

Because the technician isn’t on site, the customer’s signature confirming that the job has been completed cannot be obtained. This means that the work must be invoiced without a signed job report. This often leads to discussions, since the customer cannot estimate or relate to the labor time. And that means wasted time, irritation and annoyed customers and suppliers. Predefined service quotas can help in such situations. Many suppliers make quota contracts with their customers to simplify and speed up the billing of services provided. Suitable software is very useful for managing such quotas.

ERP solution with quota management

The software provider es2000 from Osnabrück provides just such an ERP solution with comprehensive quota management. This video shows how easily this kind of contract can be managed with the es2000 solutions.

If you would like to know more about the company and its ERP solutions, why not request an online presentation from


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