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Digitalization with es2000 at Fritz Manke GmbH

Fritz Manke GmbH, based in Hilden – installers of fire alarm systems and smoke and heat extraction equipment – relies on the ERP and field service solution from es2000 in order to meet growing requirements and challenges. The results are impressive and measurable: efficient processes, faster reaction times, and increased transparency.


To stand still is to go backwards. Our customer, Fritz Manke GmbH is well aware of this. They need to be open to innovation and change. And that means taking a new path with digitalization, too. Their old software wasn’t up to the task any more. So, in 2018 they made the decision to look for a new, modern software solution with the aim of further improving processes digitally. An important factor in the choice of a suitable solution was the consideration of the particular demands of their trade. Their final choice was the es2000 software solution.

One step ahead of the competition

The es2000 software solution supports you in your daily business, ensures meaningful reporting, and reproduces the service and maintenance business including field service management. This results in smart business processes, which are reflected in the faster handling and processing of orders at Fritz Manke GmbH that puts them ahead of the competition.

Digital resource planning is a further benefit of the es2000 software solution. The system allows the scheduler to see which technician is near to the task site. Fitz Manke GmbH has benefited from shorter reaction times and downtimes as well as increased customer satisfaction through the use of resource planning.

Additionally, the introduction of es2000 software has promoted the documentation of information and data. Transmission errors and missed information have been significantly reduced. All the information is now available at a central location.

Collaboration with Fritz Manke GmbH has among other things meant that specific functions for the fire extinguisher sector could be programmed into the standard solution. This has eliminated the high costs of a customized solution, and other companies can now benefit from these new features.

Digital support for service engagements in field service management

Service and maintenance are also important parts of the business of Fritz Manke GmbH; for one thing in planning and scheduling regular maintenance dates, and for another in dealing with sudden emergency jobs. “esmobile” was introduced for the mobile field engineers for this purpose. Field engineers can now process the orders independently, regardless of their location, and can go directly to the job site without needing to return to the office. The service technician has everything needed at hand and can access all the relevant information. This has also improved communications between field engineers and the back office.

Support from es2000 after software purchase

We at es2000 place great importance on good support and guidance for our customers even after the deal is done. We see ourselves as partners to our customers, building on a long lasting business relationship. Introduction of the ERP software at Fritz Manke GmbH was therefore undertaken step by step and in close consultation with the company.

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