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Secfire GmbH relies on esoffice

In the March 16, 2021 issue of the trade journal “SicherheitsPraxis” (, Christian Michalski, CEO of SecFire GmbH, describes why he has put his full trust in the ERP software from es2000 for the digitalization of his start up. He is particularly impressed by the service and maintenance management as well as the service call order management aspects, just as he is with the features of esmobile. Especially, this field service solution simplifies many internal processes and has also won over the customers of SecFire GmbH. You can read the entire article (in German) here:

About the trade journal “SicherheitsPraxis”


“SicherheitsPraxis” is a trade journal for installers, assessors, planners, and systems vendors published by Prosecurity Publishing.

This quarterly publication imparts sound knowledge and introduces new devices, systems and technologies, puts the focus on integrated systems including their links to other trades, and indicates practical applications. Other topics covered include legal requirements, handling customers, marketing and tax questions, and the meanings of laws, standards, and regulations, as well as cooperation with the agencies concerned such as the police, fire brigades, and insurers.

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